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Female leopard in Ndutu

Migrating Wildebeest in Ndutu

Cape Buffalo

Impala keeping a watchful eye for leopards.

Survival in numbers is the best protection for this young Impala.

Elephants in Amboseli National Park

Red-billed Oxpecker and Cape Buffalo

Elephants in Amboseli National Park, Kenya

The Dik-dik is the smallest member of the antelope family

Giraffes seeking shade in Serengeti National Park.

Adolescent elephants testing each other.

Ndutu Male Lion of Northern Tanzania

Zebra in Ngorongoro Crater

African White Storks

Zebra and her young in the Ngorongoro Crater

The Kopjes of the Serengeti

The tusk of the elephant has become the reason the species is being hunted to extinction.

Black & White Zebra Detail

Male lion walking in the Ndutu area of Tanzania, East Africa.

Black-headed Heron roosting on Acacia branch.

Slow shutter speed and the movement of the wildebeest give this an abstract feel.

The King of Beast never takes a bad picture..

The Hyena is aways weary for lions in Ngorongoro Crater.

Storm clouds in the Northern Serengeti

The Acacia Tree will always provide shade so important to all animals.

The Black-backed Jackal is curious and hardly ever sits still.

Elephant calf feeling secure between older family members.

White-browed Coucal

Grey Heron hunting from the backs of Hippos.

This mothers tail offers reassurance and a sense of protection to this young calf.

Eye of the Elephant

Male Elephants in Serengeti National Park

Elephant calf in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania