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Have you always wanted to support a cause and wondered how you as one person can make a difference? If you’re ready to take action, join me this June on a “Walk With Rangers” through Kenya and Tanzania! We’ll be walking side by side with Rangers from these two countries to raise awareness of the unprecedented rate these countries are losing wildlife, to gain funds for critical projects, and to promote education on conservation and wildlife protection.

On June 10, 2014, Raabia Hawa, the Honorary Game Warden for the Kenya Wildlife Service, will embark on an iconic “Walk With Rangers” accompanied by two of her colleagues from the front lines of the war against poaching. The walk will span a total of 316 km in 15 days and will traverse regions that are notably affected by deforestation, pollution, human-wildlife conflict and most of all, poaching.

Raabia has asked me and other Capture Africa Tours participants to walk with her for 5 of the 15 days. Support vehicles will always be following the group in case participants get tired and would like to take a break. On the first day of the trip The Minister of Tourism for Tanzania, Lazaro Nyalandu will join us to show his support.

We will also be walking with one ranger form Big Life and another from Wildlife Works. During our journey as we pass through conservancies other rangers will join in the walk. We will be sleeping in tents for the duration of the walk, and all provisions are provided.

The last part of our trip will be spent on game drives within the Ndarakwai Ranch and Amboseli National Park. Ndarakwai Camp is a permanent tented lodge on Ndarakwai Ranch. With views of both Mt. Killmanjaro and Mt. Meru, the camp is nestled in a protected forest of towering fig, and yellow-barked acacias that line the seasonal Ngare Nairobi River.

Amboseli National Park is famous for being the best place in Africa to get close to free-ranging elephants among other wildlife species. Other attractions of the park include opportunities to meet the Maasai people and also offer spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro. I will be embarking on this journey to show my support and make a difference by getting involved. I am looking for 5 or more people who also want to get involved and make a difference….

You can show your support by making the trip with Capture Africa Tours! For more information about Walk With Rangers please visit their website.  Walk With Rangers 

For information on pricing and other details please contact Dick Berry at dberry@captureafricatours.com.

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  1. Steffi Hiller
    April 10th

    Are the 5 out the 15 days set? Or is it ment to be any 5 out 15?

    • Steffi thank you for the question in regards to how many days we will Walk With Rangers.
      I have confirmation that we will be walking for a total of 4 consecutive days.
      You will receive a basic schedule of the events shortly.

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