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Wildlife Conservation Organizations

Want to support wildlife organizations and don’t know where to start? Check out…

African Safari 2022

World Elephant Day 2019

World Elephant Day 2019 World Elephant Day 2019 is all about perseverance. This past year, […]

How to Support Elephant Conservation on Safari

Traveler Testimonial by Hoann Ignacio… “In addition to SWT visits, my trip also included many game drives …”

Month by Month Guide to the Great Wildebeest Migration

Use the Migration Route Map & the Month by Month Guide to find out where and when to travel…

Where & When to See the Great Wildebeest Migration

Where & when to see the the great migration depends on rainfall. The wildebeest are on a continuous…

Gorilla Trekking Tips

Mountain Gorilla Trekking Tips There are many destinations that are worthy of making the bucket […]

World Elephant Day 2018

Celebrate Elephants on World Elephant Day 2018! On August 12th, the world comes together to […]

Gorilla Population Increasing

The majestic and endangered Mountain Gorilla lives in protected national parks in two regions of Africa and…