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CF and SD Card Care Tips

Safely capture and store images on your CF/SD cards by following these 8 tips…

World Lion Day

In honor of World Lion Day I’d like to share my thoughts about the unfortunate death of Cecil…

The Elusive Leopard

I recently went to South Africa with one goal in mind…to be able to offer […]

the pamoja project

The Pamoja Project is a series of three short documentary films that tell the incredible story of three…

Portable Hard Drives

Bring at least a 1-TB (Terabyte) hard-drive…I suggest two…and make copies of all the images…

Protect the Black Rhinos

With the precipitous decline of black rhinos across Africa in the 1970s, government wildlife agencies and…

Walk With Rangers

Have you always wanted to support a cause and wondered how you as one person […]


Africa is rich in wildlife and immense never ending landscapes. People come from all over […]