Burn The Ivory

Our Mission

To bring global awareness to the elephant poaching crisis and the ivory trade through advocacy and media campaigns, educational outreach, and support for on the ground elephant conservation and anti-poaching efforts. We believe that only by burning or destroying ivory stockpiles worldwide can it be ensured that illegal ivory cannot be laundered into the system, fueling the continued slaughter of elephants across their range.


Burn The Ivory operates under the umbrella organization Nomad Charities, both a registered non profit in the United States as well as registered NGO in Kenya. Nomad has been working in Kenya since 2002, primarily operating programs and services to young orphaned children including education, clean water projects, free medical clinics, and food programs.

In December of 2012 Nomad opened Gail’s House, a 60-bed orphanage to house young boys who are orphaned or living with extended family, to provide them with a home and education. Located on 5 acres in Kibwezi, Kenya, Gail’s House is run entirely off solar energy and has it’s own water source making it 100% self-sufficient.

In 2013 Nomad expanded it’s efforts and created Burn The Ivory to raise awareness of the elephant extinction crisis taking place across Africa and Asia. Our hope is to use education and awareness as tools to ensure the continued existence of the elephant.

Jenn Hofmann,Co-Founder

With more than 19 years experience in national and international non-profit work, in 2002 Jenn co-founded Nomad Charities, a registered non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of adults and children that are homeless, exploited and orphaned by the devastation of the HIV/AIDS crisis in Kenya.

As an extension of her non-profit work, Jenn produces documentary films, primarily in Alaska. Her most recent project, The Eskimo and the Whale, has premiered in over 25 national and international film festivals and continues to be screened on PBS stations throughout the USA. Jenn began working and volunteering for non-profits right out of college. She has volunteered for Alaska Native non-profits, African orphanages, worked as a special events Project Director for the United Nations and African National Congress.

Jenn’s NGO and production work began while residing in Johannesburg, South Africa just after the abolition of apartheid. While there, she produced a series of voter-education videos that were screened in outlying villages to encourage formally-disenfranchised African citizens to join in the democratic process. She also produced educational films, hosted by Nelson Mandela, for the United Nations Environmental Program. Jenn served as producer for the Film Resource Unit (FRU) in Johannesburg, South Africa, a non-government organization, offering documentary films on topics such as HIV/AIDS, human rights, and women/s issue.

Jenn is excited to expand her efforts and energy towards conservation with a focus on ending the ivory trade worldwide.

To learn more about Nomad Charities, please visit our website Nomad Charities (EIN# 72-1526699)

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