Q : What is the climate like in Eastern Africa?

A : The majority of the famous wildlife parks of Northern Tanzania (situated just south of the equator) rest upon an elevated plateau creating a wonderfully temperate climate.

  • Average highs are in the mid 70s to low 80s and average lows are in the 50s and 60s.
  • The temperatures are very comfortable and there is little humidity due to the high elevation.
  • The moderate climate creates a comfortable environment for wildlife viewing throughout the entire day.
  • During mid-day it is rarely too hot for game viewing and many animals remain active.
  • Full rainy days are rare and even during the green season (November to May), there is a greater proportion of sunshine and only brief and refreshing showers are the norm.

Wildlife viewing is a year round event due to the equatorial climate and there really is no preferred season in terms of weather though some individuals prefer the green season as it’s not as dry or dusty.

There are two unpronounced seasons in Tanzania including a green season from November to early May and a dry season from mid May to mid November. In most regions of East Africa, rainfall is usually higher in November and December (short rains) than in January and February (the short dry season) and then rain falls again in March, April and May (the long rains). However, this is not the case in Northern Tanzania and especially in the Serengeti National Park! The so called ‘short rains’ and ‘long rains’ in Northern Tanzania are significantly less pronounced and the rain tends to fall sporadically from mid November to late April or early May.

It has been completely unpredictable during the last ten years as to which green season month or months receive the most rain. In any event, the sporadic rain showers do not hamper your ability to game drive and, in fact, only enhance wildlife viewing. There is an old adage in the Serengeti that ‘rain means game’ and this definitely rings true during the green season when the herds are on the vibrant green plains.

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