Fight for Elephants

Support the Fight for Elephants

There are many ways we, as individuals, can help fight for elephants. To help them remain wild and keep thriving within their family units and in their native lands.

Here are just a few ideas on ways you can help and make a difference.


Support/Donate to Reputable Conservation Organizations— Don’t worry, we’ve got a list for you. Wildlife Conservation Organizations.

Do not buy ivory products! Ivory belongs to elephants. Stop the demand, stop the trade, and save the elephants.

Educate yourself on the importance of elephants in their natural environments.

Do not support places that exploit elephants for entertainment purposes such as circuses, elephant rides, or with the main goal of profit and not the animal’s well-being.

Share your knowledge and spread awareness! Talk with your friends, family, and neighbors.

Start your own local project to help save elephants.  Start a petition, organize a campaign group, coordinate a fundraiser, or provide educational demonstrations. Be creative & shine the light on elephants in your community!

Educate yourself and others on the struggles of human-wildlife conflict within communities in countries where elephants inhabit. Support organizations that aid in mediating those issues.

Lobby within your own cities, counties, and states to stop the sale of ivory locally.  Contact your local senators and government officials to let your voice be heard.

Foster orphaned elephants and other wildlife! Do so by supporting conservation organizations that care for animals that have been separated from their herd/mother or injured due to the effects of poaching. You can foster an elephant at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust who rehabilitates orphaned elephants and reintegrates them back into the wild.

Only engage in ethical tourism. Be sure to travel with conservation driven, eco-conscious companies when visiting places that are home to elephants and other wildlife.

Capture Africa Tours is focused on inspiring, educating, and promoting conservation efforts through the power of travel and the beauty of Wild Africa.  CONTACT US for more information on our tours or SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter for up to date information on conservation efforts around the world!




  1. Do not allow countries to sell elephants to zoos and circuses. Support sanctuaries. Rescue all in captivity. Protect those who are free

    • Thank you Claudette for leaving a comment on our blog post “Fight for Elephants”. Bringing awareness and supporting a reputable NGO goes a very long way to protect and save the species.

  2. Save the elephants and you save the planet and the humans who would destroy it one species at a time

    • Thank you again for leaving your comment and my apologies for the late reply. Your passion for elephants and all wildlife helps spread the word that we must all contribute anyway we can.

  3. Angshuman
    May 31st

    Save the poor elephants

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