The Elusive Leopard

I recently went to South Africa with one goal in mind…to be able to offer a completely different experience to our future participants. And I hit the jackpot in the Klaserie Game Reserve in South Africa. While driving into the Klaserie we spotted leopard tracks in the road that were heading in the same direction we were travelling. As we got out of the vehicle for a better view and to make sure they were leopard tracks, a movement caught my eye. About 50 yards off we spotted a leopard on the game trail but she headed into the brush after seeing us. We caught up to her and proceeded to follow her parallel to the road. To our amazement she had a cub that was shadowing her every move. In and out of the brush like ghosts she would move with her cub and would stop to look at us and we would do the same. I had my camera and 500mm lens ready and kept my eye focused through the viewfinder as she walked with her cub not making a sound in the heavy brush. We followed them in this area for about an hour and I was able to capture some great images. I am in awe of the grace and power of the leopard. When it comes to viewing wildlife you must always have respect for the animals you are watching. Do not pressure them because you want that one shot that you feel will be the best. Let them be because there will be other opportunities around the next bend. With respect in mind, we knew that she wanted to cross the trail and we were keeping her and her cub from doing that. So we left her alone and continued on deeper into the Klaserie waiting for the next adventure to unfold. 2015 is off to an excellent start! I look forward to all the adventures ahead.
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