Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

Is Travel Insurance worth it?

Struggling to decide if travel insurance is worth it for you? Not to worry! Almost all travelers have a hard time deciding to enroll in a plan or not. While it’s hard to imagine your trip being anything but amazing, we definitely recommend considering the risks.

First, pretend for a moment that prior to your trip you were given the chance to see the future. Cool, right? As a result, you see an unexpected mishap waiting for you. Whether your baggage was sent to the wrong claim and never made it to destination, or if you had your wallet stolen while strolling the streets of a foreign city, or worse…like a broken a leg while hiking a vast mountain range. Those are some pretty frustrating mishaps that may be difficult to deal with while traveling, especially internationally. So, let’s talk more about whether travel insurance is the answer… Is it really worth it?

Taking Risks vs Travel Insurance

Ask yourself this important question when you’re planning your next epic trip… “What are my risks?” We know the risks are what captivates some travelers. It’s what urges them on to explore unfamiliar places. And hey, we get it!

The unpredictable nature of traveling is both precarious and alluring.

Overall, the dreaded reality is that every trip has its risks. Any unexpected twist in your travel plans can turn even the most coordinated trip into a complete disaster. However, travel insurance could be the safety net you would need especially in the case of an emergency. Coverage varies by company and plan but you can choose the protection that makes sense for you!

Types of Travel Insurance Coverage

We highly recommend a comprehensive travel insurance plan that covers you completely for the duration of your trip. Here’s a general rundown of the common policies offered by most travel insurance companies:

Baggage: Delayed, lost/stolen, or damaged belongings

Flight/Trip Cancellation: Interrupted, delayed and cancelled flights/trips

Medical: Medical attention and/or evacuation in the event of injury or illness

Accidental Death: Coverage and beneficiary payouts in the event of accidental death

Check out a few reputable options for purchasing a plan: Travel Guard Insurance, Travelex Insurance, Air Med Insurance, and Ripcord Rescue Insurance.

Know what your Travel Insurance plan includes & what it doesn’t!

What isn’t included in your policy is just as important as what is. Be sure to read fine print to avoid getting stuck in a loophole. 

Also important to note is that this list is not exhaustive; policies/companies vary. Safeguard yourself against the unknown with travel insurance. So no matter what kind of adventure you’re on, you can travel with peace of mind and enjoy the wonders that await you.


Happy and safe travels!



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